I thought I would share with you a short piece of information on my recent visit to Lady Elliot Island. A lot of people don’t know where this is, or maybe haven’t heard of it before. Lady Elliot Island is an Island off the coast of Hervey Bay – about 40 minutes flight in a small aircraft. For me it is one of the best Islands I have visited – and there have been many. There is really nice accommodation and packages available with meals included – which makes it a perfect short stay as you don’t have to be deciding where to eat or what to wear. All very casual! Of course the highlight is the snorkeling. When one side of the Island is windy or not  compatible with  to the tide – the other side is usually okay. Because it is a Marine Park – no take zone – the sea life is abundant. At one point there were about twenty turtles present at the Cleaning Station – Black Tipped Reef Sharks – an abundance of colourful fish – corals – large Cod – Large Blue Linckia Sea Stars – Rays and Manta Rays (on the Western side).  Truly an underwater paradise. The Lagoon is shallow even at high tide with sand channels through the coral. There was snorkeling every day for us and plenty to keep us occupied such as a walk round the Island and Reef Walking at low tide. It was a joy to be so immersed in nature – to take in the other worldly underwater experience and there will be plenty of paintings come out of that trip.

If you then add a very special Dawn Service for Anzac Day – watching the sun rise over the Lagoon with the Australian Flag fluttering in a stiff breeze, coffee and Anzac biscuits- it became a perfect experience.


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