I must apologise for not having updated my Blog for some time. I’m afraid I have been sidetracked somewhat with finalising my 2016 exhibition and all that goes with the painting, framing and presentation of a show. I have also been travelling quite a lot this year as well, my last trip being to Gladstone in Queensland only a couple of months ago.

The real highlight of my year so far has been the fulfillment of my long-awaited boat trip on Lake Burragorang with Water NSW. I have spent two years battling authorities in my attempts to take this trip – so vital to get material for my next exhibition ‘The Lost Valley’. Back in the 80’s it was easy for me to access this particularly beautiful area – now close to impossible. Miraculously – and I still have to pinch myself – it finally happened!

A perfect day awaited us and the magnificent Blue Mountain Ranges of the Burragorang Walls reflected and wavered slightly  in the mirror-like waters of the Lake. Motoring up the  River we pulled into shore at lunch time, bush bashing to higher ground. There we found a small cave, decorated with aboriginal drawings and grinding grooves. No one had been here since the flooding in the 1950’s so I felt incredibly fortunate to have seen it and felt it’s historic atmosphere.

The day’s weather  remained perfect and later in the day we found and old dry stone wall hidden in the bush  and saw where the early road that Peter Mulheran had built from McMahon’s Point into the Burragorang Valley, vanished into the depths of the water.

It was a truly memorable day and one I will never forget. It is now full steam ahead towards the production of a book on my paintings of this historical and picturesque area. Of course I will be launching the book with an exhibition of the images, mid 2018.