BURRAGORANG THE LOST VALLEY  will be my next exhibition at Lost Bear Gallery – Lurline St. Katoomba – opening on Sat. March 24th 2018 and running until April 29th 2018. The Exhibition can be viewed in the gallery from 10 a.m. Saturday March 24th and previewed online at lostbeargallery.com.au. from Thursday March 15th.  The exhibition will also coincide with the official BOOK LAUNCH of the book of the same name  Paintings From ‘BURRAGORANG THE LOST VALLEY’ – a book filled with rare paintings of mine both  recent and from my former visits, along with other works. Bob Brown has written the Foreword with an interesting introduction by Jim Smith.

The Burragorang Valley is the picturesque valley that was flooded in the 1950s to make way for a permanent  water supply for the growing city of Sydney. What was once a thriving valley of guest houses, farms and other small industries no longer exists. Residents were forced to leave their precious valley, livelihoods were lost, people dispossessed with only a small  compensation. The homes and buildings were demoloshed the land stripped of vegetation. That Valley  is now called Lake Burragorang. I have been fortunate enough to have had a very long history with what is left of  this beautiful area  – a history I thought I had left behind 30 years ago. The story of my  involvement and how recent trips with Water NSW came about, is told in this book. Predominantly, though, it is a book of my art featuring exhibition images of my paintings  and some  from earlier times, along with other works of mine towards the back.

It has been a journey I never thought I would ever make again – and yet, here it is, the result of 4 years of planning and and dedicated painting. This will be my final exhibition of the Burragorang Valley. 

 There is now a new threat to the Wild Rivers that flow into Lake Burragorang. The NSW State Government are making plans to raise the Warragamba Dam Wall by 14 metres. Should this go ahead, those valuable and beautiful Rivers will be adversely impacted, causing  silting –  destroying more of the valuable environment and animals who make this their home. Visit the Colong Foundation for details on their campaign to prevent this from happening.

This year also commemorates 60 years since the flooding of the Burragorang Valley.